Many of the most positive living communities in the world have certain traits in common. Learning how to adopt these traits can help other communities around the globe become more positive with happier citizens. Here are some of the top qualities of positive neighborhoods.

A Prioritization of Safety

Communities that make a commitment to keeping their neighborhoods safe for all residents and visitors can bolster more positive effects. Neighborhood watch groups where citizens look out for one another and report suspicious activities are commonplace in many of the most positive communities. These residential areas are also known for their reliable police and fire departments.

Elections of Leaders Who Share Community Values

The elected officials of a community can make or break morale among the residents. Communities that are considered to be positive have reputations for electing officials who share common values with the citizens and are committed to making the locality a better place to live for everyone. The shared values of these officials should influence their decisions in making important decisions for the community. These leaders also believe in promoting fairness and justice among the citizens.

Promote Social Interactions

People who live in neighborhoods where social interaction is highly encouraged tend to build stronger communities. These social interactions may take place at annual festivals or townhall meetings. Communities that offer people many opportunities to volunteer to make the local area a better place can also foster good social interactions among its residents.

Fulfillment of Needs

The needs of the people tend to be fulfilled faster in positive communities. These needs often extend to the education and recreation sectors that sometimes require fundraising efforts or funds from city, state or local government. Positive communities are also known for fulfilling the needs that pertain to the “whole person” instead of just a few select areas.

Rooted in Heritage

People can gain a greater appreciation of history and local pride by living in a community that promotes its strong heritage. Historical societies in the most positive communities provide educational tools for people to learn more about how past citizens worked to make the area a better place to live. These communities are also known for hosting lively events that promote the local heritage.

Communities that work to build more positive settings for everyone have managed to earn solid reputations for their success. Other communities can try learning these traits to improve their conditions for all people.