Attend Local Events

Depending on where you live, there might be local events in your area to attend; events such as film festivals, food truck drive-ups, dance performances, and arts and music events. Your community can help provide support for local talent. Be sure to pay attention to local announcements and news forums to stay up to date, then go check them out. Try to buy merchandise if you get the opportunity!


If you enjoy volunteering your skills and time, there are plenty of ways to lend a hand! Many animal shelters need volunteers to walk and help with animals, and retirement homes often invite people to spend time with the elderly. Many working parents struggle to find childcare, and some adults can even use personal assistance with shopping or getting rides to appointments.


If you don’t have much spare time, but you have extra money or materials to donate, there are some avenues for that, as well. Food banks, rehabilitation programs, and shelters often accept donations, and there are places to donate clothes, bedding, and cleaning supplies. Ask around local shelters and aid groups to see where you can help meet people’s needs with donations.

Shop Local

Find vendors in your area that make and sell their products and support them over corporate alternatives with your own business and by advertising them to your friends and family. Groceries can often be found in locally owned and sourced markets or at local farmer’s markets. Support local business every chance you have, and make sure to spread the word!


Maybe there’s a specific social cause you feel is needed in your area, or perhaps you feel like there should be more live music. If there was something suggested in this list that you think was lacking in your area, that might be an opportunity to build something new! Plan out an event or drive and try to get as many people involved as you can. Even if it’s minimal, every bit makes a difference when we help one another build up our community!