COVID-19 has led to many disappointments including the cancellation of concerts, weddings, and graduations, restaurant closures, and school shutdowns. Through it all, some amazing kids have found ways to make a positive impact in their communities.

Curtis Rogers Created a Prom: Curtis Rogers felt so bad that his baby-sitter would be missing her prom due to COVID-19 that he created a prom for her. The table was decorated with fresh flowers, and they enjoyed a dinner of Chick Fil-A. Dancing followed.

Lucy Made Masks: Lucy’s mom, Veronica, taught her to sew when she was only eight years old. Lucy and her mom have sewn hundreds of masks since the start of the pandemic, which they donate to healthcare workers.

Dominic Donated Food: Twelve-year-old Dominic decided not to have a birthday celebration this year. Instead, he asked people to bring him pasta and spaghetti sauce so that he could donate it to his local soup kitchen. He received so much food for the organization that it took five SUVs to transport it.

Chelsea Donated Art Supplies: Chelsea has been begging her mom to start her own charity since she was seven years old. This year, her mom finally agreed. For her 10th birthday, Chelsea asked her friends to bring her art supplies she could give to other kids. Chelsea’s Charity has donated over 1,500 art kits to children in foster care homes and homeless shelters.

Stephen Made a Hand-Washing Machine: Stephen lives in a village called Mukwa in Kenya. When the pandemic hit, Stephen wanted to help, so he created a hand-washing machine that operates with a foot pedal.

Stella Wrote a Novel: Stella and her dad wrote a novel together when they had to quarantine. Once the novel was done, Stella wanted to use it to create a fundraiser. She initially set out to raise $500 for Feeding America, but she’s raised over $26,000 so far.

Avi Created an Informational Website: Seventeen-year-old Avi created a website about COVID-19 last December. His website includes information on local and global stats, a question and answer section, a preparation guide, and a map displaying the locations of outbreaks.

Alex and Ben Joel Started an Online Tutoring Site: When schools went virtual, Alex and Ben Joel became concerned about those who might have trouble learning in a non-traditional environment. They started a website where elementary students can get free one-on-one tutoring.

Brianna and Ashley Sold Keychains: When the pandemic began, nine-year-old Brianna and her six-year-old sister, Ashley, started making and selling keychains to make money to donate to the No Kid Hungry program when schools went virtual.

Sydney Put Together a Video Series: When the pandemic hit, 10-year-old Sydney felt anxious and uneasy. She and her mom wrote, recorded, produced, and animated four short videos called, “Kids Coping with COVID-19” to help other kids.