So, this organization has decided to hold a fundraising event. There are several goals that must be achieved to ensure the effort is a successful one. This planning guide has been created to give the tools for a successful as well as profitable event.

Getting Started

Create a committee that will oversee the planning and execution of the event. The next step is to discuss and come to a conclusion concerning the purpose and goals of the fundraiser. Have each person on the committee assigned to one of the goals to determine the possible costs, how, and when each goal is to be executed. Next, decide your budget outgo and the amount needed to bring in.

Give It A Brand

The event needs a name. This is for marketing purposes, so decide what needs to be promoted. The name should include the cause and the organization unless it is decided to come up with a catchy name. There should be a byline with the cause and organization if a different name for the event is chosen. Target who is the right market for this event before a name is decided.

Location! Location!

Finding the right spot to hold this special occasion is important. Take into consideration the time of day, parking, seating capacity, and costs before picking the right spot for this event. Reserve it as soon as possible when the right place is selected.


A calendar needs to be established of the different elements of the event, including the proper order of marketing, sales, event set-up as well as the order of the occasion’s program line-up. The committee head should keep close contact with the members in charge of each aspect of the event.

Getting The Word Out

Use email, press releases, social media, printed posters, direct mail, and mailed invitations as ways to get the word to the public about your event. If applicable, service organizations and churches may help with promotions.


Sales need to be organized to make tickets easy to purchase, buyer information recorded, with a thank you verification to the purchaser. Directions with the event day information need to be provided. An event website is one way to handle this.