Volunteering is rewarding and enjoyable. That said, the skills individuals learn while participating in such activity might also prove beneficial in helping them find employment. People who have volunteered for various organizations or agencies might have learned aspects of vocations including but not necessarily limited to fundraising, event planning, or mobilizing others in the community. Volunteer work can also be of added importance to young people first entering the job market who don’t have significant work experience, or to those who have been out of the workforce for an extended period of time.

Incorporating volunteer experience onto one’s resume can be accomplished by following the following steps:

Always Include It

Some people, especially those with extensive paid work experience, might hesitate to include volunteer efforts on their updated resume. Many employment professionals point out that such action is a big mistake. Such individuals highly recommend always including volunteer work on your current CV because employers value it. In the eyes of many hiring managers, those who volunteer come across as passionate, committed, and hard-working individuals who understand the value of service and going that extra mile. 

List Relevant Volunteer Work Like An Actual Job

Merely because a position was not for pay does not diminish the importance of the work or the skills the performer learned. Therefore, human resources professionals suggest including volunteer work alongside other paid positions. That said, these same experts caution that the position in question must be relatively significant and the holder must have performed discernible responsibilities. Candidates should omit less strenuous volunteer efforts like passing out cookies at a child’s school party or picking up trash at a park. 

Do Not Forget About Non-Relevant Experience

Volunteer work that is not relevant to the position the resume holder is applying for still has value. That said, such efforts should not be listed under the relevant work experience heading. Non-relevant experience should be placed under other headings such as community service, volunteer experience, or other activities that should appear towards the end of the CV. Non-relevant activities should still be appropriately highlighted. It is important to list the specific name of the position in question, the dates the position was held and the responsibilities the position-holder performed.