Volunteers are the lifeblood of many nonprofits. Without volunteers, they will fail in their goal to help others and impact their community. Because of this, nonprofits need to prioritize recruiting top-notch individuals to help. Doing so can be difficult. After all, volunteers are unpaid and must sacrifice their valuable time. Although recruiting volunteers can be difficult, the following steps will help your group find great volunteers who are eager to make a difference! 

Use Your Network

Chances are, your organization already has an extensive network of clients, donors, and staff. Start by letting them know what you’re looking for volunteers and ask if they know of anyone who might be a good fit. Talk to your friends and family too. Word of mouth is one of the most powerful methods of recruitment. People are more likely to trust people they know. You may receive personalized recommendations, which is great! Having someone to vouch for them will ensure that the volunteer will be a good fit. 

Check in Your Community

Although using your social network is helpful, you may need to extend your search. Consider looking in your local community for people invested in making it better. You can start by checking with schools and universities. Call their student services department and ask if you can hang recruitment posters or send out an email. Many students will be excited at the opportunity to make a difference. 

Businesses are another potential place to look. Many businesses are looking for community involvement opportunities for their employees. 

Post Advertisements

You can also post advertisements. Print posters or leaflets to leave at businesses in your community that support your charity. You can also submit an advertisement to your local papers or magazines. Sometimes newspapers will offer a discount to nonprofits. Create an advertisement that is bright and eye-catching and articulate your vision. 

Advertisements for volunteers don’t have to be physical paper copies. You can also post them online on sites such as VolunteerMatch.com. This will likely attract more millennial volunteers.

Volunteers are extremely important to charities across the country. Recruiting quality volunteers, however, can be a challenging task. Finding volunteers doesn’t have to be a hassle! Use the networks you already have available to you, networking within the community, and strategically share advertisements. By following these suggestions, you’ll attract plenty of quality volunteers.