If you’re a nonprofit organization, you’ll want to engage with your surrounding community. It’s a crucial part of making yourself known to people outside of your inner circle. This community is your donor base; they are the people who will support you as you build yourself up toward being a successful organization, whether that be nationally or internationally. They’ll donate time or money while you work your way up, and it’s essential to build these relationships so you have room to grow, test, expand, and more. 


In order to find these people, you have to put effort into engaging with them and showing that you’re someone they want to affiliate themselves with. Here are a few ways you can facilitate that engagement.


  • Find support from your local city council, the county board of supervisors, labor and building trades councils, service clubs, and the chamber of commerce. All of these organizations will help you get your foot in the door of success and point you in the right direction.

  • Request a letter of support from the state assemblyperson and state senator of your location. These letters can carry weight with some supporters, even if the letter itself is cursory at best. Having this letter can sway some people who are on the edge of affiliating themselves with you in your favor, and it’ll have your organization’s name known by officials who may have access to resources like government grants.

  • Reach out to key local elected officials to participate in the events you sponsor. Their attendance at these events will draw media attention, which will focus both on them and, more importantly, on you. Plus, doing this will draw quotes that you can use in your marketing strategy.

  • Ask for contributions to your nonprofit from local businesses. They may give small donations of either money or their products to your nonprofit, but one of the most important things you can do is to then promote the business on your website. This will show others that “everybody who is anybody” is supporting your cause and build on the concept that you’re all on the same, winning “team.”


As a nonprofit, you can’t miss an opportunity that comes your way. You want to get your name out into the world so you can succeed, and if people are willing to join at your side to help raise your money or visibility, you need to latch onto that. By engaging with those around you, you’re sure to succeed.