There are countless benefits to volunteering, whether they be a boost in confidence, a more positive attitude, or even lower blood pressure. Many organizations recognize these benefits and want to encourage their employees to volunteer. Their employees won’t be the only ones to benefit. Volunteering will also help the community and add to a company’s reputation. The following are a few ways to encourage your employees to volunteer. 

Offer Paid Time Off

Many individuals would like to contribute their time to an organization they support, but many simply can’t find the time between work and their busy personal life. Providing paid time off for employees to volunteer will make volunteering an easy choice.

Create a Culture of Volunteering 

Another way to encourage employees to volunteer is to implement volunteering into your company culture. For example, you can share volunteer opportunities with staff through emails or at the beginning of meetings. You can also make sure that there is plenty of other information about opportunities by offering brochures or hanging posters. This way your employees will understand that volunteering is important to the organization. 

Hold a Workplace Volunteer Day

Consider holding a company-wide volunteer day. Choose a nonprofit or community group that could use a hand. Have them decide some projects for your employees to work on. This could be anything from planting trees to cleaning up a local park. Plan a day far enough in advance that employees can clear their schedules. If you have too many employees or want to have people work at a variety of places, look for an umbrella group that is connected to several sites. 

Provide Skills Training

Volunteer opportunities are a great way to help your employees build their skillset. Encourage your employees to pursue their interests by allowing them to hone their skills by volunteering with a nonprofit. Although you will have to sacrifice some of their time at work, remember that they will be able to contribute their new skills to the company. 

Let Employees Share Feedback

Once employees begin volunteering, encourage them to share their feedback. They may be able to offer valuable insight on getting other employees to volunteer! They will also feel more invested in volunteering when they know someone will listen to them. This will encourage them to continue volunteering in the future, as well as inspire them to convince others to join.